Shanghai underground – B6C Basement Collective Shanghai

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Shanghai underground – B6C Basement Collective Shanghai

Whenever someone ask me what was the coolest thing I saw in Shanghai, I will pull up my phone and show them these photos, this basement creative collective space has a rather hidden door (see the first image below). As you walk down the dark stair, and several twists and turns, you will finally stand in front of the metal door with little stickers saying “Basement Collective”. Unfortunately it was closed on the day I went, so I went back the same creepy corridor (but it was super chill in the warm weather) and back to earth.

I really hope it will still be there when I go back to Shanghai again (like most underground places in Shanghai, they either move or disappear every few years), so I can check it out properly. Here are some photos of this place when it’s filled with human beings on their facebook page.

Oh and if you are in Shanghai and trying to find this place, you will need this page, and the video will help you to find it.

54.pic 55.pic 56.pic 57.pic 58.pic 59.pic 61.pic 63.pic

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