Response to some comments on my Herald Sun article

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Response to some comments on my Herald Sun article

I came across this web version of the article on Northcote leader today, and found some interesting comments. I thought it’s a perfect time for me to do a little knowledge sharing.

Homophobic Vandalism to Artwork

michael scott: Pfft street art, whatever. Useless, unproductive attention seeking designed to spark debate. THAT is trolling.

Fair enough, you are not a big fan of street art. But it doesn’t mean they are “unproductive”, we have a TED talk about it to show you what can be done, interested to know more?

michael scott: Sex can make people uncomfortable for rational reasons. I don’t want to SEE same sex activity just like I don’t want to see foot fetish activity.

You bet! It must be very hard for those gays and lesbians because they are seeing opposite sex activities everywhere on the street, in the movies, on the internet …

Matt of Melbourne: Maybe it was done because most of us are sick of the homosexual agenda being shoved down our throats everyday.

So help us getting this marriage equality thing sorted, and we will shut up about it. I mean we didn’t just talk about it for fun.

Shannon of Geelong: I am not against gay relationships, however, like religion I don’t need it shoved in my face. No one sees me getting it on with my partner larger than life in the middle of the street. I am also sure that parents would like their 1 or 2 year olds seeing it either.

Sorry Shannon, but I still see much more sexual content in media about straight relationships, so until that changes, I don’t think we are even close to shove in anyone’s face yet. As about parents and kids, think about what you just said next time you kiss your partner in front of your kids.

Mj of Melbourne: How about i spray paint a heterosexual couple copulating with the caption ” the way nature intended it” on a gay pub and force my view on them. I can imagine the howls.

Oh my, I’m quite shocked about this one because apparently Mj thinks gay and lesbians only exist in gay pub??!! Sorry to break it to you … but the street and church belongs to everyone, it’s not a kind of “straight club”…

I just found a perfect video to sum this up:

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