I heard you and here is a rainbow

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I heard you and here is a rainbow

On Tuesday I was told that someone has spray painted my artwork red. I can’t say I didn’t expect this, at the end of the day, I am aware can be quite a sensitive topic for some. I went to the spot and had a look yesterday, here is what I found.


To be honest, I wasn’t exactly impressed with the artistic expression in this act, I mean, all I can read from this is,

  1. He/she didn’t like the look of these two people (which from many people I talked to, they are considered good looking and gentle)
  2. He/she didn’t like the fact that it’s part of an art festival, and it’s approved by the church and the neighbourhood who share this wall?
  3. He/she thinks the word “common” is threatening?

Since that leads me no where positive, I’d like to assume that this person is encouraging me to complete this artwork, so here is what I did:



And there you go, it even matches the colour of the bike rack!

Love, Yeok

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