“White child”, Acrylic on wall
In the order of the slides show:
23 Mar 2014, Laneway behind Rice Queen, enter from Leicester St (Near 389 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia)
30 Mar 2014, Laneway off Johnston st between Smith and Wellington in Fitzroy (Near 19 Johnston St, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia)
5 Jun 2014, BOP art night at Bimbo Deluxe Gallery (Thank you Andrew for taking the photo of me)

“White Child” is a giant size kid who exist in the pool of life, located at the heart of the underground palace. The white child disguises itself as the younger version of the person who is looking at it. The pool of life heals injured bodies and broken hearts. People often grow empathy towards the white child and move closer towards it, and end up being eaten by it. I decided to paint this character outdoor since the nature of the character is public, it demands attentions from others to survive.

This is a character from Yeok’s narrative which started with her debut solo show in 2013, the story will be told by her gallery installation and varies location based artworks in her following art shows. You can read about her past chapters and her future stories here.

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