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I have all artwork images scanned in high res, so if you would like them, contact me and I will send you the magical link to download all the goodies. If you’d like to be first to know future events, send me a message on Facebook page and I generally send links out there as soon as they are available. Other options including signing up to mailing list (days ahead before the events), and signing up to my blog posts (you will get event photos days after the event, story behind my works and other posts).


I generally respond within 24 hours if it’s an urgent matter. Most days, my active hours are 7am-10pm UTC+10:00. Emails received on Friday afternoons and weekends will be replied to slower, but I do respond to urgent ones on my phone :)

I’m also active on Facebook, so if you have a quick question, feel free to message me on my page:

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