My work from uni time

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My work from uni time

I have been trying to find this piece of my work I did back in uni. Finally I have found it Even though it has horrible font choice, awkward pace and audio copyright issue (it was taken from a Linkin Park’s track), it’s still interesting to see it today.

New sketches for my debut solo show in Melbourne

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Remember I had a group show at Off the Kerb Gallery in April? Well, I have now exhibited there twice (once many years ago before I start to realise I should paint more) and it feels like home for me. The date is official, I’m having my first ever solo show in Melbourne this November, […]

Show opening, new paintings, treasure box & Sri Lanka

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Men with beards opening was a huge success! It was packed with bearded men and lovers of beards. I only managed to take some photo just half an hour before it finishs when the crowd had cleared a little bit. You can see the album on my Facebook page. Yeok in front of her work […]

Men with beard group show at off the kerb, the creature that will deceive you, swan dress photo shoot, yellow doll dress, Toyota community spirit gallery, bizarre Greek article, public performance in the city

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Very sorry about disappearing for the last 2 weeks. I was so flat out sorting stocks, preparing for group show and watching my cat becoming a murderer. Anyhow, the long awaited epic group show is finally here. Men with beards is opening this Friday 5 April 6-9pm, the show will last until 19 April. I’m […]

Upcoming group shows: Toyota community spirit gallery, Men with beard by Off the kerb. Visit to White rabbit gallery, Australian museum in Sydney and Chinese garden

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Sorry that I’m 2 days late with this blog post this week, I was in Sydney for 4 days last week and did a lot of walking, it took me quite a while to catch up with all the work and rest when I got back. I have 2 upcoming group shows in the next […]

Ukulele night, sculpture work in progress, man with beard show

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Melbourne Ukulele Festival is finally here, I went to the opening night of Pimp my M.U.F, and here are some photos from the night. If you didn’t make it to the opening night, don’t worry, the exhibition will be there until 31 March 2013. The exhibition will then be extended to 1 Spring Street, Melbourne CBD […]

Pimp my M.U.F, white night, upcoming sculpture, giant scanner

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My ukulele is finally done and it will be part of the upcoming Melbourne Ukulele Festival. The opening night is this Friday 6pm and you can find the event details here. My painted ukulele as part of Pimp my M.U.F, Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2013 Another highlight this week was White Night Melbourne. So many people […]

Valentine’s day, Rose boy print, beach, photoshoot, painted ukulele & frankie

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I have to say my Valentine’s Day had a pretty good start. I was greeted with an awesome breakfast feast. I’m not really good at shooting food porn, so here is an awkwardly cropped image of the table. Breakfast feast made by my dear husband on Valentine’s Day. The whole week has been pretty warm in Melbourne, […]

New work in progress, my new DSLR, Rose Boy print release, contemporary photography at NGV

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I have finally started working on some new pieces after cooking up the concept for more than 2 weeks. I just wanted it to be a thought through body of work rather than random pieces. This time I start it off with a sculpture, with the help of Gihan. The base of a new sculpture […]

My sketch book, feature, warehouse in Richmond, Sad news, Melbourne Ukulele festival, biohacking

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I had a little creativity struggle this week, perhaps it’s because the project is overwhelming. I’m working on a big serie which is also interactive, but nothing solid has come to my sketchbook yet. Sketch I did in the past 7 days. I need more inspirations! Another little highlight this week was my feature on My […]

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