Art Basel Hong Kong Part 2: 6 things I learnt

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Art Basel Hong Kong Part 2: 6 things I learnt

This took me a while to put together but here it is:

Lesson 1: You need only one public entrance after you have passed multiple VIP entrances

Just like everything else in HongKong, 80% of the facility is not made for public, but exclusively for VIPs. You are constantly reminded that you are not that important.


Lesson 2: Human hair is the most accessible art supply of the year

Gu Wenda’s installation was massive, but I’m kinda glad that it wasn’t so close to my face, because I’m not sure what it would smell like. He seems to use a lot of white hair in his work, so I guess he has his fair share of elderly art fans?

Gu Wenda's hair installation

Gu Wenda’s hair installation


Lesson 3: Throw a bunch of paint on canvas, and you will find creepy clowns in the details

Zhang Huan said he must have been a Tibetan in his last life, because he was attracted to the culture and lifestyle very much. I guess that gives me another reason to visit Tibet soon since I liked his skull mask very much.

Zhang Huan's Spring Poppy Field

Zhang Huan’s Spring Poppy Field

The close up is not so sweet

The close up is not so sweet, but I love it :)

Lesson 4: For some refreshing new inspiration, pay a visit to car junkyard

Have to say the title of the work is rather poetic. However for me to be able to keep this pressed white flower, I will need a very large and tough book. I looked more into his works, which gives much more context to this piece of work.

Ron Arad's "Pressed flower white", 2013

Ron Arad’s “Pressed flower white”, 2013

Lesson 5: Not all teddy bears are created equal

Somehow this piece describe artists in a perfect way: We want love and attention, but we also want to fuck it all. (Update on 12 Aug 2014, apparently she decided to sleep on it for 36 days)

Zhou Jie's "Single Bed"

Zhou Jie’s “Single Bed” will rock your world

Lesson 6: Patricia Peccinini will always creep on you when you are not paying attention

Have to say Patricia has done it again.

"Comforter" by Patricia Piccinini

“Comforter” by Patricia Piccinini

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