Art Basel Hong Kong Part 1: My favourite 5 moments

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Art Basel Hong Kong Part 1: My favourite 5 moments

There were so much hype around Art Basel, that my friend started to see it in every corner in Hong Kong weeks approaching the event. There were many highlights in this prestige event, apart from money pouring into one single location, some moments were still rather memorable.

Moment 1: Anastasia Klose explaining the made up word combining “草泥马” to a Chinese person (such as myself)

Anastasia Klose's ai weiwei t-shirt

You know way too much Anastasia Klose :)


Moment 2: He XiangYu tricked me into thinking a business man was face planking the floor

He XiangYu

I did think that was a performance piece for a second


Moment 3: Witnessing James Capper’s insect like crawling machines

James Capper's insect like crawling machines

And yes, these things crawl

Moment 4: Having the gallery lady operating Rudi Hendriatno’s helicoptor

Rudi Hendriatno's helicoptor

Not that it flys, but it has pretty wings ;)

Moment 5: A real baby pram was strategically positioned (by a visitor) next to Tayeba Begum Lipi’s pram made out of razor blades

Tayeba Begum Lipi's pram

It hurts so good

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